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Our Ground-breaking apps.

Here at Smashing Plates we really want to make number plates more accessible, affordable and fun for everyone.
Having been trading since 2006 we have come across the common issues people have with number plates and in particular these two:

  • "I don’t know how to spell my name in a number plate"
  • “I don’t know where to look to buy a number plate- there are so many different places”

With that in mind we created the Number Plate Translator and the Number Plate Search Engine, two innovative apps which are hopefully making number plates that little bit easier.

Number Plate Translator app logo

The Number Plate Translator is our ground-breaking and one-of-a-kind app which translates words into actual legal number plate combinations – and then searches the leading number plate dealers (including Number Plate Classifieds of course) to see if any of the combinations are available for sale.

It has been well received and continues to help thousands of people every month find their ideal number plate combination.
Using a complex algorithm, the apps swaps letters and numbers to “spell “ words in number plates, also known as autonumerology.

The app is available on the Appstore right now- why not check it out?

Number Plate Search Engine app logo

The Number Plate Search Engine is our second ground-breaking and one-of-a-kind app which searches the leading number plate dealers in the UK to help potential buyers find the number plate they seek.

With so many different dealers the app is a convenient one stop shop for anyone wishing to search for a number plate.

We’ve had some great reviews and a lot of downloads so the app is proving successful, why not see for yourself? You can download it from the Appstore now (for free!)
And of course if you place an advert with us you will automatically appear in our number plate apps at no extra cost.