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Number plates for business

Businesses use advertising and the internet as well as many other mediums and means to get their business message across and increase their brand's visibility,

Personalised number plates play a key role for an increasing number of businesses as a means to help their marketing efforts.

Numberplates for business can have the following effect

  1. Increase visibility
  2. Memorable
  3. Fun

An example

Number plates on company vehicles help firstly to increase visibility- Pimlico Plumbers is the famous example of a business using number plates to raise their profile and gain free press coverage to boot.

With number plates such as BOG1 and LAV1 Pimlico plumbers has become a very memorable company- not through its advertising efforts or quality of work alone- but through its inventive use of personalised registrations.

Why use number plates in business?

Companies and businesses which use vehicles in the course of their trade- such as plumbers, couriers, builders etc - can benefit greatly from personalised number plates.

With Pimlico plumbers as the lead example- it's proven that number plates help to raise the profile of your business if they are memorable and relevant to the nature of trade.

DVLA select registrations also means that sequential number plates can be purchased to be used in a fleet- so another plumbing company could have a series of sequential or matching "H20" prefix plates.

The cost?

Pimlico Plumbers is an extreme example- some plates purchased have cost many thousands of pounds. It can be argued that this money has been an investment in PR and advertising.

Clearly not all businesses can invest time or money at this level- but this shouldn't effect the overall benefit number plates can have on a business.

A fleet of smart vehicles- all with sequential number plates which can be bought from the DVLA can have a similar- if smaller impression and help to establish a business' brand presence.