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What are personalised number plates?

Personalised number plates are those number plates which spell a name or surname. Although private number plates can be some of the most expensive numbers - personalised number plates are some of the most famous and memorable.

With such great combinations as R1CKY, J4MES and COL1N - personalised number plates are for some the most desirable numberplates on the road.

Generally comprising of prefix and suffix combinations- it's quite eye opening to consider the amount of good quality personalised number plates which are out there on the roads.

The DVLA have got wise to the attraction of some number plates which is reflected in the reserve prices set at DVLA auctions.

Buying personalised number plates

Buying personalised number plates can take some time- those wishing to have their name on a number plate generally only want the exact combination (R1CKY) and will not consider an alternative (R11CKY)

So for the most part the fun of personalised plates is in the chase- as there is only one ideal combination for some names it can take a while to find what you seek- but keep the faith and you shall be rewarded.

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How much are personalised number plates worth?

Personalised number plates are second only to private number plates in their value. Exact combinations such as J4MES and S4RAH are increasingly fetching anything upwards of £20k

Depending on your name and if you would consider an alternative combination- there are still some bargains to be had. HUGO for example- cannot be spelt in a number plate so using Autonumerology you can buy the phonetical spelling- at a far cheaper price! H3WGO

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Selling personalised number plates

Personalised registrations carry a unique importance to each potential purchaser; when selling personalised number plates its worth recognising that only a Colin will buy COL1N

Whereas private number plates or other combinations such as ABC1 will have a general appeal- personalised number plates can take a little longer to sell as the target audience is that much smaller.

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Who would buy personalised number plates?

Personalised number plates came of age in the "yuppie" years with many a Porsche 911 adorned with B4RRY or CRA1G.

There is still some stigma attached to buying a number plate which reads your name or surname but that hasn't dampened demand.

The purchaser of a personalised number plate is generally someone who has spent many months searching for their ideal combination and will not settle for 2nd best or a look a like number plate.