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DVLA number plates

When, retaining, purchasing or transferring a number plate there is likely to be a payable fee to the DVLA.

Below is a brief guide for these fees- all correct at the time of writing (2008) and none of which are subject to VAT.

Assignment fee £80

To transfer or assign a number plate the DVLA will charge you £80.

If you wish to retain a number plate from a vehicle then the DVLA will charge you this £80 fee- which is effectively paying in advance for when you eventually assign the number plate to a vehicle.

Refund of assignment fee £80

If your entitlement to a number plate (form V750) expires or you simply do not wish to keep or transfer it then you are entitled to a refund of the £80 assignment fee.

Extension of entitlement £25

When a number plate is held on retention it is only valid for 12 months- at this time the entitlement period will need to be extended

Add or change a nominee £25

If you wish to change the details of the nominee on your retention document then you will incur a £25 fee. To find out how to add or change a nominee please refer to our retention section.

When paying DVLA fees it is worth checking your documentation to ensure you address the envelope and cheque correctly.

Most cheques are payable to DVLA SWANSEA

And should be posted to

Sale of marks Group