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DVLA number plates

DVLA number plates or DVLA registrations are the number plates which the DVLA retail or auction under the DVLA Registrations brand.

Instead of buying from a private number plate seller or a number plate dealer you may be able to buy your desired number plate directly from the DVLA.

Often this is the most cost effective way to purchase a registration number as you are buying direct and in effect "cutting out the middleman"

Where to buy DVLA number plates

The DVLA sell number plates via their website and telesales business- - they also hold approx 6 DVLA auctions a year up and down the country.

It's possible to buy DVLA number plates via a number plate dealer who is a registered DVLA Reseller – there are some pitfalls to avoid here so tread carefully to avoid the number plate ripoff.

Are DVLA numberplates the cheapest?

Typically if you are buying a number plate from the DVLA registrations website then you will not be able to purchase it cheaper anywhere else.

As with anything- shopping around and comparison is a fruitful exercise- why buy A1ABC from the DVLA for £2000 when A2ABC is for sale by a private seller for £200?