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DVLA registrations

DVLA registrations is the current name for the Sale of Marks scheme operated by the DVLA.

The DVLA registrations website advertises the sale of prefix and "new style" number plate combinations direct to the public for a fixed fee.

At the time of writing it’s not possible to purchase a number plate from the DVLA online- you need to call the DVLA Registrations hotline - but in time this process is set to become automated.

Why buy a DVLA registration?

When buying a DVLA registration it's worth noting the possible pitfalls of buying from a DVLA reseller instead of the DVLA. Typically the DVLA is the cheapest place to purchase DVLA registrations.

DVLA Auction

The name DVLA registrations also covers the auction side of the DVLA - there are approx 6 auctions held each year at various UK locations.

Here, number plates of all styles, qualities, combinations and price are offered for sale by auction.

Buying at a DVLA Registrations auction can be a very cost effective way of finding your ideal number plate - many lots are sold for very reasonable rates and soon appear for sale at number plate dealers and in the number plate classifieds for much more.

Save time and save money- check the DVLA registrations website for your next numberplate.