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What is a DVLA reseller?

DVLA resellers are number plate dealers who sell number plates directly from the DVLA database.

Are DVLA resellers more expensive than the DVLA?

The DVLA advertise their number plates with all fees paid on the DVLA website- so a price of £250 would be all you pay.

Some* DVLA resellers advertise the pre VAT price - the final price including VAT and charges is in fact more than the £250 you would pay the DVLA.

How do I get the best deal?

Shop around- check as many different number plate dealers as you can to compare prices- but always check as you could save £££’s

How do DVLA resellers work?

DVLA resellers pay a fee to the DVLA to access their database of number plate combinations. These are then advertised on the number plate dealer’s website and on the strength of this a number plate is sold.

With an order from a customer- the number plate dealer then purchases the number plate from the DVLA to sell on to its own client- any mark-up on the plate represents a profit for the DVLA reseller.

One last word of caution.

Some* DVLA resellers when selling number plates in this fashion will list themselves as the "purchaser" on the V750 document.

This means that when you need to extend your period of entitlement or transfer the plate- you will need the signature / approval of the DVLA reseller from which you purchased the plate.

It has been known for some DVLA resellers to charge an admin fee for this - as much as £35 (!)

If you are unsure about DVLA resellers or need any further help or advice then please email us and we will be glad to help or explain further.