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DVLA select Number Plates

DVLA select number plates is the name used to describe the sale of number plate combinations directly from the DVLA website.

What are DVLA select number plates?

With the launch of the Prefix number plate system, the DVLA withheld certain combinations to be offered for future sale and to form the basis of the DVLA Select scheme.

Such unissued number plates are offered for sale direct to the public- currently some 20M + plates are offered for sale on the DVLA Registrations website.

Why do we have DVLA select numberplates?

DVLA select numberplates came about as the DVLA began to recognise the potential value of millions of number plate combinations which it issues each year.

Thanks to Autonumerology and an ever growing crowd of number plate enthusiasts, collectors and investors, the DVLA capitalised on this interest by retailing certain prefix combinations to the general public rather than issue them for free to new vehicles.

DVLA select registrations began during the prefix number plate system but it has now extended to the new style registrations- as the DVLA retain more and more valuable registrations each year- some of them find their way to the DVLA registrations website but an increasing number are offered for sale at DVLA auctions in an attempt to attract a higher price.

E and F prefix number plates were originally withheld from the DVLA select scheme and only recently (2006/2008 respectively) released for sale.

Prior to this, many E and F prefix combinations were sold at DVLA auctions- despite the launch of F Prefix number plates in 2008, some of the best combinations were auctioned as many as 10 years ago.