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Questions about this website

What is Number Plate Classifieds?

We are the UK's leading number plate classifieds website

What is “Smashing Plates”?

Smashing Plates was the name of the company that owns Number Plate Classifieds- it’s also the original name for this website (it was once
The company that owns Number Plate Classifieds is now called New Thinking Ltd

How does it work?

If you’re looking to buy or sell a number plate you have two choices – you can advertise with a dealer who takes a commission or pay to advertise somewhere like eBay but they will charge you every time you relist your advert and this can add up. Number Plate Classifieds brings together buyers and sellers of private number plates much like eBay but we only charge you once to advertise and that’s it. Bringing buyers and sellers together in this fashion means effectively you “cut out the middleman” and cut out the commission they would seek when your plate sells- much like an estate agent. Number Plate Classifieds is designed to make buying and selling number plates simple and cost effective.

Who do I contact to buy a plate on your website?

All adverts on number plate classifieds are placed by third parties. If you find a number plate you wish to buy then you can either call or email the seller if they have published their details – or email them via the Number Plate classifieds website.

How do I advertise with Number Plate Classifieds?

Whether placing a for sale advert, or placing a number plate wanted advert we have a 3 step sales process which takes less than 5 minutes and has been made as simple as possible.
Click here to advertise a number plate for sale
Click here to place a number plate wanted advert.

When does my advert expire?

All adverts on Number Plate Classifieds have no expiry- they will stay live until your number plate sells – we were the first to introduce this concept and it has been imitated ever since by our competitors.

What do I have to pay to advertise?

You pay a one off fee to list your advert and that is it. No commissions, no other fees to pay.

How do I get a number plate valuation?

For a one-off fee of £5 you can obtain an unbiased and no obligation number plate valuation from us.

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Questions about buying number plates

How do I buy a number plate via this website?

If you have every bought anything via eBay or purchased a second hand car then the process is much the same. Once you have found your desired number plate you must contact the seller of the number plate to agree the price and payment. From there the plate can be transferred into your name or to your vehicle accordingly.

I can’t find the number plate I want to buy- what do I do?

You have two options – Firstly you can place a wanted number plate advert on this website or secondly you can use the Number Plate Search Engine to search the leading number plate dealers.

How do I place a number plate wanted advert?

To place a wanted advert is simple- firstly you will need to enter the number plate you desire, how much you are willing to pay and any notes you wish to add. From there you sign in or sign up and proceed to pay. The whole process can take less than 5 minutes and has been designed to be as simple as possible. Click here to place a wanted advert.

Can I buy a number plate to make my car look newer?

It’s not possible to assign a number plate to a vehicle to make it look newer than it actually is. This means if your vehicle is an “02” plate (LT02ABC) then you cannot assign a newer number plate to it such as LT03ABC.

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Questions about selling number plates

How do I sell a number plate via this website?

Advertising with us is much like advertising on eBay or selling a second hand car. Once you have advertised and found a buyer you simply need to agree a price and the payment terms. From there you can transfer the number plate to the buyer or their vehicle.

How do I place a number plate classified advert?

We have a very swift 3 stage process to follow which can be completed in less than 5 minutes- read here about how to advertise with Number Plate Classifieds.

How long can it take to sell a number plate?

It can take anything from a few days to months on end to sell a number plate. Like anything the price, description and your efforts to advertise will dictate this. One great tip is to use the unique number plate advert URL to post your advert in social media and increase yet further your chances of finding a buyer- in addition to our thousands of monthly visitors and app users of course

Why should I sell my plate through Number Plate Classifieds?

We can save you time and money versus using a number plate dealer or advertising elsewhere. We are the first and leading Number Plate Classifieds in the UK and as such attract exactly the audience you require to sell your number plate.

Why wouldn’t I sell my plate through a number plate dealer?

Using a number plate dealer is known as the “full service” option. You have access to their expertise, contacts and marketing but it comes at a cost. Whereas Number Plate Classifieds would charge you a one-off flat fee for your advert, often number plate dealers will charge you a percentage commission (like an estate agent) this means depending on the value of your plate it cost you hundreds if not thousands of pounds to sell it – instead of a one off low fee with us.

Why shouldn't I sell my plate on eBay?

eBay is a wonderful and very popular website. When it comes to number plates however; there are two main drawbacks.

  1. Number plates can take a long time to sell- if you are paying to relist your advert again and again then these fees can soon mount up.
  2. Although eBay gets a lot of traffic it’s not necessarily related to number plates – check the number of number plate auctions that receive no bids or don’t hit the reserve and this will tell you if it’s an effective place to advertise.

What is my number plate worth?

We offer an unbiased 48hr number plate valuation service to help value your number plate. If you then go on to advertise with us we will upgrade you to a premier advert FOC which effectively makes the valuation free

When I find a buyer how do I actually complete the sale?

Number plates are very simple but the general perception is that the process is complicated.
To sell your number plate you will need to follow these 3 easy steps.

  1. To transfer the number plate it needs to be on retention. If the number plate if assigned to your vehicle you will need to complete form V778 to put it onto retention.
  2. You will then need to add the buyer as the nominee. This means the number plate can legally be transferred to a vehicle registered to them- completing section 1 of the V750 retention document adds them as a nominee.
  3. To actually transfer the plate the buyer will need to send the V750 and their vehicle’s logbook to the DVLA who will then officially assign the number plate.
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Questions about transferring number plates

How do I Transfer a number plate from retention?

You will need to complete the retention document you have and send this to your nearest DVLA office- you can find out more here

How do I Transfer a number plate from a vehicle?

This is known as retaining a number plate. You will need to complete form V317 and send to your nearest DVLA Office- you can find out more here

Can I transfer a number plate?

So long as you are the registered keeper of the vehicle on which the number plate is assigned or you appear as the grantee on the number plate retention document then yes.

What does it cost to transfer a number plate?

Here you can read about DVLA fees

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General number plate questions

I’m selling my car, can I keep my number plate?

This is a common question and the answer is yes – you can either transfer the number plate to another vehicle or you can transfer it to a retention certificate.

How do I retain a number plate (put it onto a retention certificate)

To retain a number plate you simply need to complete form V778/1 – click here to find out more about number plate retention.

I don’t understand words like retention and nominee?

To remove some of the mystery we have created a number plate glossary Back to top

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