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Full information about transferring and retaining number plates can be found on the website:

What is the CNDA?

The CNDA or Cherished numbers Dealer Association is a regulatory body for the number plate market and part of the RMIF.

It began in 1971 as a way of regulating the practices of the newly established number plate dealers.

What does the CNDA do?

By monitoring the time it takes to conclude cherished transfers, checking number plate websites and generally monitoring its members; the CNDA help to keep all members within the guidelines.

What are the aims of the CNDA?

The CNDA abides by the following aims and goals:

» Increase awareness of the cherished number industry
» Promote and protect member businesses
» Develop and maintain standards in the sector
» Provide a channel for communication and information

How do I find a CNDA member?

Check the CNDA members page on their website.