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Number plate ripoff

When buying or selling number plates in the UK there are a number of common pitfalls which can cost you time and money.

We have a concise guide to areas within which you could save yourself possibly time AND money.

Although our aim is for those buying and selling number plates to use our website and services- we try to remain as objective as possible- it is our aim that buying and selling number plates is simple and economical whether you decide to use Number Plate Classifieds or not.

Buying a number plate

Check the DVLA

When buying a number plate it pays to check the DVLA website- many millions of combinations are offered for sale here. If you find your number plate for sale directly from the DVLA then this is absolutely the cheapest place to make the purchase.

The problem: A lot of number plates that can be bought cheaply direct from the DVLA are purchased from some dealers who add a markup.

The solution: Refer to the DVLA website to check for your desired combination

Compare the dealers

If the plate you wish to buy isn't listed with the DVLA but with a number plate dealer then its well worth checking and comparing as many dealers as you can. Many dealers advertise the same plates for sale but at different prices- shop around and you could save thousands.

The problem: A lot of number plates are advertised for different prices at different number plate dealers

The solution: Always compare as many number plate dealers as you can on price to save money.

DVLA resellers

Any number plate dealer which is a registered DVLA reseller could* sell you a number plate which will cost you more than if you bought directly from the DVLA.
When buying a number plate- particularly a prefix numberplate- it's worth checking the DVLA website to be sure the plate isn't available much cheaper there.

The problem: Some* DVLA resellers will charge you more than the DVLA.

The solution: ALWAYS double check the DVLA website to see if they have it for sale as it will always be cheaper.

Selling a number plate

Dealer commissions

Number plate dealers charge commissions as payment for them advertising your number plate. Although you don't actually pay the commission the money will come from the sale of your number plate.

Usually a number plate's value is increased to accommodate a commission- which can reduce the appeal to potential buyers.

The problem: The asking price for your number plate increases but the money you get from the sale decreases.

The solution: Advertising and selling the number plate yourself will save you £££’s

Advertising yourself

By privately advertising your number plate for sale you will not only get all of the asking price money (no dealer commission to pay) but you will also negotiate directly with the buyer which could also help you achieve the best price possible.

The problem: Selling your number plate through a dealer can affect how much you get.

The solution: Selling number plates privately can yield you more return.

Relisting adverts

When advertising anything yourself - classifieds publications and websites will charge you on a regular basis to relist your advert.

As numberplates can take many months to sell- this can soon add up and erode any saving to be had by avoiding a number plate dealer. See: how long to sell my number plate?

The problem: Relisting fees can add up as number plates can take months to sell.

The solution: Number Plate Classifieds do not charge for relisting, you only pay once to advertise and that's it.