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What is a number plate rally?

A number plate rally is generally organised by the RNC Registration Numbers Club or similar group of number plate enthusiasts.

An entirely static event- the rally is a chance for number plate owners and enthusiasts to get together and talk personalised number plates.

When was the first numberplate rally?

The first ever number plate rally was in 1973 and organised by the CNDA Cherished Numbers Dealers Association.

Largely an act of PR- the rally attracted many owners and enthusiasts and help to begin the tradition which continues today.

When is the next number plate rally?

You can find details of upcoming and recent number plate rallies at the RNC website.
Number Plate Classifieds have been a sponsor of the annual number plate rally organised by the RNC since 2007 - we believe these events are great fun and the perfect opportunity for like minded people to get together.

What happens at a numberplates rally?

On the day of the rally you will see all different types of vehicles and people from all walks of life.

Some number plate enthusiasts have large collections of plates - some of them in sequence or
similar in content.

Others have rude, funny or interesting number plates - all with an interesting history or a story; something which is gladly discussed.

Prizes are awarded for different numberplate categories depending on type, style, content and relevance. Prizes are also awarded for those who have travelled the longest distance to get there.

How can I attend a numberplate rally?

You will need to be a member of the RNC Registration Numbers Club to take part in any number plate rallies.

You can contact the RNC:

The Registration Numbers Club
Steve Waldenberg, RNC Office, P O Box MT12, Leeds LS17 7UD, UK.
t: 0113 226 7497      f: 0113 226 1110
e: or

For all press enquiries please contact:-
Rod Lomax, RNC Publicity Officer,
t: 0161 764 8180    f: 0161 764 3800
e: or