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Full information about transferring and retaining number plates can be found on the website:

What is the RNC?

The RNC is the Registration Numbers Club

With over 2000 UK members; the Registration Numbers Club is the leading club for number plate enthusiasts in the UK.

"The independent nationwide club dedicated to the right to hold and transfer a cherished vehicle registration mark ... a right which has been in existence since 1903"

1977 Saw the establishment of the RNC – this was the infancy of personalised registrations and cherished transfers – the RNC united a number of frustrated owners, dealers and enthusiasts- thanks to the efforts of Alex Jackson and Steve Waldenberg.

What does the Registration Numbers Club do?

The RNC circulate a quarterly newsletter to all members with news events and stories relating to personalised number plates in the UK and some international stories.

The website is also maintained as place to advertise items for sale in the "member sales" section and learn of past and upcoming number plate rallies and events.

Number plate rally<

The key task for the RNC is the organisation of the annual number plate rally. An event for members to get together and share their passion for number plates – its also a great chance to see some interesting plates and collections – as well as meet the people behind the number plates.

How do I join the RNC?

Simply complete the application form and return to the RNC offices along with your membership fee.

Once a member you will receive the RNC newsletter and be kept abreast of upcoming number plate rallies, news and events.

You can contact the RNC:

The Registration Numbers Club
Steve Waldenberg, RNC Office, P O Box MT12, Leeds LS17 7UD, UK.
t: 0113 226 7497      f: 0113 226 1110
e: or

For all press enquiries please contact:-
Rod Lomax, RNC Publicity Officer,
t: 0161 764 8180    f: 0161 764 3800
e: or