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Current Style: Post-2001 registration

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This style is the current 7 digit registration; the first two letters are the local identifier – they represent the DVLA TAX OFFICE where the registration was issued and conform to a limited range. London vehicles for example have LR LS LT prefixes. FULL LIST OF LOCAL IDENTIFIERS
The two numbers represent the year of issue, starting with 51, 02, 52, 03, and so on. FULL LISTING OF AGE IDENTIFIERS
The final three letters are random and can be any letter from the alphabet excluding "I+Q" I,Q and Z EXPLAINED

Prefix Style: Post-2001 registration

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Prefix number plates have a starting letter which indicates the year of issue- A is 1984 for example. FULL LISTING OF PREFIX REGISTRATION DATES
There are then 3 random numbers and three random letters. I Q and Z are not available as letters for this style of number plate. I,Q and Z EXPLAINED
Whereas a Current style plate is fixed to seven digits, this plate can be 5-7 digits - for example: A1ABC / A12ABC / A123ABC

Suffix Style: Pre-2001 registration

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Literally the reverse of Prefix style, suffix style starts with three random letters excluding I Q and Z. I,Q and Z EXPLAINED
3 random numbers and then the alphabetical letter indicating year of issue FULL LISTING OF SUFFIX REGISTRATION DATES
As before this plate can range from 5-7 digits, an example being:
ABC1A / ABC12A / ABC123A

Irish Number Plates: Oldest style registrations

Irish number plates range from 4- 7 digits. They use I and Z but not the letter Q, I,Q and Z EXPLAINED
Irish registrations are available in the following formats:
ABZ 1 / ABZ12 / ABZ123 / ABZ1234

Dateless Registrations: Oldest style registrations

These plates have no year identifier - they are simply random letters and numbers and are the oldest style of number plate.
Once more, I Q and Z are not available as letters. I,Q and Z EXPLAINED
These registrations can range from 2 digits to 6 digits and can be offered in reverse also- examples being.
A1 / A12 / A123 / AA1 / AA12 / AA123 / AAA1 / AAA12 / AAA123
1A / 1AA / 1AAA / 12A / 12AA / 12AAA / 123A / 123AA / 123AAA