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Can I sell my number plate?

First things first- before you can advertise a number plate for sale it needs to legally be yours to sell (!)

It sounds elementary but you need to be 100% sure that you own the number plate and are entitled to sell / transfer it.

We outline below the key things to check before you can sell your number plate.

My number plate is on retention

If the plate you wish to sell is on retention then firstly you need to appear on the retention document as either the Purchaser or the Grantee.

V750 retention document - Pink form

If your number plate is held on a V750 document then you need to be the Purchaser in order to transfer the plate (and sell it)

If you only appear as the nominee then you do not have the ability to sell or transfer the cherished number.

V778 retention document - Green form

If you hold your number plate on a V778 document then you must appear as the Grantee in order to transfer the plate (and sell it)

Again if you appear as the nominee you have no rights to the number plate itself.

Check the expiry of your retention document.

Your retention document must be valid and in date to complete a number plate transfer.

Number plate retention documents (the certificate of entitlement) must be extended every 12 months- to complete a cherished transfer the DVLA request your documents are valid and thus you still hold entitlement to the plate.

Find out about the entitlement period and how to extend it in our retention section.

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My number plate is on a vehicle

Selling a plate whilst it is on a vehicle means completing a cherished transfer- form V317 from the DVLA.

You must appear as the registered keeper for the vehicle which currently displays the number plate you wish to sell.

The donor and recipient vehicles must be road worthy and MOT'd if applicable- they must also be both available for inspection by the DVLA.

See how to transfer a number plate from a vehicle for more information.

Non transferrable number plates

The main thing to watch out for is the ever increasing number of plates which are "non transferrable"

Quite simply if the words "non transferrable" appear on any of your paperwork then you cannot conduct a transfer - it's as simple as that.