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Selling Fees

Smashing Plates only charge you once for your advert- there are no hidden charges or extra fees to pay.

We differ from cherished number plate dealers in that we don't charge commissions or anything else - you pay us once to advertise and that's it!

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Pricing structure

Standard for sale advert*£20
Premier for sale advert£25
Standard wanted advert*£10
Premier wanted advert£12
Number plate valuation£5
*if you place a "standard" advert you may upgrade to a "premier" advert at any time if you wish

Why upgrade your advert?

Upgrading from standard to premier helps give you more visibility and thus can shorten the time it takes to find a buyer. With more keywords and categories to use, as well as appearing in the numberplate spotlight, a Premier advert is the best ways to get your advert seen on the site.

Types of advert

There are two different types of advert to choose from when advertising either "for sale" or "wanted" on Smashing Plates.

Both types of adverts benefit from some unique and very useful features such as keyword searching and unique URLS.

Standard advert

A standard advert allows you to enter the details of the number plate, a brief description upload a picture and add a keyword / number plate category.

Every advert benefits from a unique URL which is a unique web address for your particular number plate- so if your number plate is A1ABC then your URL is

  • Description
  • Picture upload
  • One number plate Keyword
  • One number plate Category
  • Number of views
  • Unique advert URL e.g.

Premier advert

A premier advert benefits from all of the features of a standard advert but in addition to this you can enter up to 5 keywords and 5 categories to increase exposure of your number plate.

You may add a headline in your advert in addition to a description of the number plate- premier adverts also appear "bolded" in search results.

The final benefit of a premier advert is that your number plate will appear randomly on the Smashing Plates homepage- meaning instant exposure to all smashing plates visitors.

All the features of a standard advert, plus...

  • 5 keywords
  • 5 Categories
  • Advert headline
  • BOLD in Search results
  • Appear in the number plate spotlight on the homepage