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How to sell a number plate

Once you have established the value of your number plate and whether you are entitled to actually sell the number plate, you need to advertise and get the word out to as many people as possible.

Where to advertise number plates

Number plate dealers are a good place to start- list with as many of them as possible for free- but beware that the asking price for your number plate will differ from dealer to dealer as each dealer will add a different commission to the deal.

Why advertise numberplates privately

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Advertising with a number plate listings website such as Smashing Plates will give you control over things- if you sell your plate in this manner you will conduct the transfer and do the deal- ultimately selling the plate directly to the buyer means you should get more for your number plate.

Number plate classifieds

Negotiating the price

Once you've found a buyer you need to agree on the price; remember to hold strong and hopefully you will already have a buffer in the asking price for your number plate to allow for any deals.

To get an idea of your plate's asking price- why not get a number plate valuation.

Closing the deal

Once you have settled on a price its time to complete the transaction. With the money safely received in the form of a bank transfer or bankers draft- you need to transfer the number plate.

Transferring the plate

With the transfer complete the number plate is no longer your property and the sale has concluded.

How to transfer a number plate

Can I transfer my number plate?

Tell the insurance company

If you have transferred a number plate from your vehicle and the registration number on your vehicle is now different- you must tell your insurance company.

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