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How to sell a number plate via Number Plate Classifieds

1. Complete details for number plate to sell / number plate wanted advert
Enter the registration number, if the plate is on a vehicle or retention, then enter the price accordingly.
You can look at a preview of the advert by clicking the preview button.
By selecting "advanced advert options" you can add keywords, categories and a picture to enhance the advert.
Once you are happy with your advert you move on too...

2. Register an account with Number Plate Classifieds
Once the advert has been created - you will need to register an account to you can pay and then the advert is live on the site.

Sign up for a Number Plate Classifieds account

3. Pay and submit your advert.
Once you have an account with Number Plate Classifieds you can then proceed to pay for the advert(s).
As soon as you pay for any outstanding adverts in your Number Plate Classifieds account, they are instantly added to the website and immediately viewable by all website visitors.

4. Edit, alter, improve
If you need to edit any part of the advert - apart from the registration number itself- you may do so in the "my account" section. You can change your advert as many times as you wish for free- and the plate will stay on the site until YOU remove it- there is nothing more to pay.

Selling number plates can take a long time indeed. Not only is the number plate market unique and without trend- number plates themselves are by their nature unique and very personal; appealing to varied and niche potential buyers.

Generally number plate dealers dominate the market. Number plate dealers have a large marketing spend enabling them to reach many thousands or potential purchasers.

With the advent of eBay- and to a lesser extent- Autotrader- number plate classifieds have become a viable alternative.

Buying, selling and transferring number plates is not as difficult as you may believe or as some of those in the number plate industry would have you believe- a lot of money can and has been made through the lack of such knowledge for far too long.

In the same way you would buy or sell a car and complete the DVLA paperwork- so too when buying and selling number plates privately simple DVLA paperwork needs completion- all DVLA documents detail in clear detail what needs to be completed.

Number Plate Classifieds is the first website to bring together in one place buyers and sellers- creating the first number plate classifieds website on the internet.


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