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Selling number plates - how long does it take?

Number plates are unique and in some cases very specific. On average a number plate can take 12-18 months to sell- this is dependant on a number of factors:

Target audience

If your number plate will only appeal to people called John who drives a Porsche 911 then it's fair to say it could take a while to find the correct buyer(!) Porsche number plates

If your plate is of more general appeal such as a "cool" or "sexy" number plate- then you will enjoy more enquiries and a swifter sale.

Asking price

Clearly your number plate needs to be priced appropriately- prospective buyers will always try to barter with you so we recommend building a small buffer into the price to allow for this- obviously overpricing your number plate means it may never attract a buyer.

Beware of under pricing your number plate too as for some people this can be a turn off as its human nature to expect there is "something wrong" if something is much cheaper than it should be.

If you need help - Number Plate Classifieds will value your number plate for just £5.

How it's advertised.

Advertising your number plate in as many places as possible (time and budget permitting) is a great way to increase your chances of a sale.

Number plate dealers will advertise the plate for you for "free" - loading their commission into the asking price- there are specialised number plate classified website (such as this one) which will give you the best features and target audience.

Then there are the other classifieds and free websites such as Gumtree that will complement your efforts. It makes sense to utilise free advertising if you can.

Why advertise numberplates privately

You reap what you sow

As with selling anything the amount of time it takes to sell is relative to the amount of time and effort you invest in advertising and pricing your number plate as best you can.

Relist. Repeat... repay?

As number plates take so long to sell you can be faced with mounting "relisting" fees from some websites and magazines- Number Plate Classifieds never charge you to relist your advert and leave it on the site until it sells.

See our selling fees section for reassurance we only charge ONCE to advertise a plate- make no other charges or commissions.

Good luck!

Baffled by Jargon? Try our number plate glossary