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What is a nominee?

A nominee is a person "nominated" on the retention document- this person can have a number plate transferred to their vehicle but until the transfer takes place they, as the nominee, have no real entitlement to the number plate.

Why have a nominee?

The nominee was created to enable the sale of number plates from retention. If you hold a plate on retention and want to sell it- you need only add the buyer as a nominee and then transfer the plate to their vehicle

What rights does a nominee have?

The nominee only has no rights to the number plate held on retention.
As a nominee- that person can only have a numberplate transferred to a vehicle they own at the request of the grantee or purchaser.

Add or change a nominee

To add or change the nominee costs £25 payable to the DVLA. The Grantee or Purchaser must enter details for the nominee, sign and send the retention document to the DVLA for a nominee to be added or changed.