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Why sell a number plate privately (and not through a dealer)

Save time and money

Selling your number plate via a dealer can mean the addition of the dealer commission which can inflate the asking price of your number plate and potentially limit potential purchasers.

You may also wish to list with more than one dealer simultaneously - different dealers have different commission and pricing structures- the asking price for your number plate can vary wildly from dealer to dealer- again possibly putting off a potential buyer.

Advertising with New Thinking involves a one off advertising payment and allows your number plate to remain on our website until it sells with no limits or restrictions.

How to advertise with New Thinking

Get more for your plate

When selling anything privately and not through a third party or dealer it's possible to "cut out the middleman" and negotiate a better deal.

Number plate dealers negotiate on your behalf and may not have your best interests at heart - perhaps pushing for a sale at a lower price to simply "do the deal" and make a commission- albeit of smaller size.

Don't pay dealer commissions- advertising via New Thinking is a one-off investment to advertise your number plate- there are no hidden fees or restrictions.

New Thinking selling fees

Simplicity and speed.

Dealing directly with potential buyers instead of a couple of number plate dealers means you know how much you are asking for the number plate and that you are free to conclude the sale as soon as you wish with the interested buyer.

Smashing Plates can have your number plate advert live in seconds- meaning you can reach the ever growing New Thinking audience without delay


Number plate dealers advertise your number plate on your behalf. They may even suggest or insist on the asking price.

Advertising with New Thinking allows you to upload pictures, change the asking price and add or alter keywords - these are just some of the great features at your disposal- all designed to increase visibility of your number plate online and all instantaneously changeable and with no extra charges.

Get seen

Advanced SEO (search engine optimisation), as well as the way the New Thinking website and its adverts are constructed, means that every day more and more visitors are reaching the website via referrals, forums and search results.

As more and more people discover the New Thinking website, so more and more potential buyers will be viewing your advert.

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