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SMS Reminder

When you hold your numberplate on retention certificate it is important that you make a note of the expiry date.

A retention certificate is only valid for one year and you must extend your "entitlement period" every twelve months while the plate is on retention.

Here at Number Plate Classifieds we don't want to leave anything to chance so we have created the first (and free!) SMS retention reminder service.

Simply enter you registration number and date of expiry in the box below and you will receive an SMS reminder approx 28 days prior to your plate expiring.

e.g. 447988123456


  1. SMASHINGTXT is a reminder service only-you are applying for a scheduled SMS message to be sent at a future date. Completion of any task such as extending the retention of a registration number is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.
  2. Whilst every effort is made to ensure your receive your SMS on the scheduled date, SMASHINGPLATES cannot be held responsible for ANY loss or costs resulting from a failure to send you the reminder SMS resulting from circumstances outside their control.
  3. The service ceases once the text is delivered . It is up to you to reinstate the service if you wish to use it again.
  4. By signing up to SMASHINGTXT you agree to this disclaimer and surrender you right to reclaim any costs/damages resulting from a failure to deliver an SMA message and the consequences of this.
  5. SMASHINGPLATES will not share your number with any third party-but from time to time we may send you text messages to update you on the products & services we offer.
  6. SMASHINGTXT is a reminder service only-it is recommended you do not rely on such a service and use it in conjunction with a diary or other scheduling tool.
  7. You may use this service as many times as you wish for free but is subject to a fair use policy.
  8. Your statutory rights are not affected.