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Why are they called dateless number plates?

The oldest number plate – A1- is the original "dateless" number plate.

But why are they known as dateless numberplates? Well a lot of the record keeping from the early 1900’s was missing or patchy and so instead of releasing numbers in a nice sequential and ordered pattern- some councils issued numberplates at different times- making it nigh impossible to determine the age of a certain number plate.

What are Dateless number plates?

Dateless number plates are the oldest and rarest number plates available. Beginning with 1 letter+1 number combinations such as A1 and increasing in size o 3 letter +3 number combinations- dateless number plates tend to be a more prestigious numberplate.

How much are dateless numberplates worth?

Typically, dateless number plates fetch higher prices than any other style. This is due, in part to the fact that dateless numberplates are so-called because they can be transferred to a vehicle- regardless of it’s year of registration..

In addition to this; dateless number plates can only have a maximum of 6 digits- shorter number plates will always fetch a higher price.

Finally dateless registrations are some of the rarest and oldest numberplates on the roads- a significant factor to number plate collectors and numberplate investors.

Who buys Dateless number plates?

Dateless number plates are favoured by numberplate collectors and enthusiasts – as the quality and value of this style of numberplate is consistent- they are usually a safe bet.

Generally fetching a higher price, dateless number plates can be found adorning Rolls Royce, Bentleys and Ferraris in the UK- the most famous dateless reg – F1 – is on a Mercedes McLaren SLR at the time of writing.

Famous / expensive Dateless number plates

Dateless number plates have broken price records in recent times- with both F1 and M1 fetching hundreds of thousands of pounds at auction.

A1 would be the most famous and expensive dateless plate- it was in fact the first numberplate ever issued in 1903.

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