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What are Irish number plates?

Irish number plates are the registrations issued to Northern Irish vehicles. With the advent of the cherished transfer scheme and such an interest in number plates- enthusiasts began to purchase and transfer Irish number plates as they were so different to other plates on offer.

Irish number plates can come in a variety of combinations- they are instantly recognisable due to their use of the characters I and Z.

How much are Irish plates worth?

With the exception of VIP1 and its peers - Irish number plates seldom fetch prices higher than £1k or £2k.

This is due to the way the plate is constructed- unlike the prefix or suffix number plate system there are very few good combinations and attempting to use Autonumerology with Irish number plates takes some effort!

Who buys Irish number plates?

Generally Irish number plates form the lower end of the market. A great deal of combinations can be purchased for circa £100 and so such number plates are used as "cover plates" to cover the age of a vehicle.

They are also a cheap alternative to the standard issue number plates on a vehicle- and still relatively low in numbers on the UK roads.

Famous / expensive Irish number plates

BIG1 / BIG2 / VIP1 / OIL1

These are a few of the most famous and infamous Irish number plates ever sold. Due to the make-up of Irish number plates there are very few decent combinations to be had.

The few good combinations out there are not only of a great quality and rarity but also tend to be 4 digits in length and could be mistaken as a dateless numberplate.

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